Kellogg Company


Kellogg Company, is the world's leading cereal company, and a major producer of convenience foods. It markets more than 1,500 products in over 180 countries all over the world. The company’s portfolio in India includes Kellogg’s Special K, Kellogg’s All Bran Wheat Flakes, four variants of Kellogg’s Muesli, Kellogg’s Oat-bites and the Kellogg’s range in eight variants, available in single-serve pouches. The challenge was to be able to achieve consistent results across the diverse range of Kellogg’s products as regards quality and look of the packaging.

The Solution

Diadeis manages the packaging artworks, reprographics & digital services for Kellogg’s India ensuring uniformity and top quality in packaging design for its products all over the country. The Diadeis set up facilitates online artwork approval for all Kellogg’s packaging. This ensures quick approvals and swift responsiveness from dedicated Kellogg’s teams. As the entire pre-media chain is managed at Diadeis itself, time-to-market is optimized. Diadeis guarantee consistency in quality of every packaging, as well as effective and swift solutions for Kellogg’s India packaging needs.

The Results

Consistency at every touchpoint and every time a consumer comes in contact with any product from the brand range.