Sony Music, the music industry’s second largest company, produces and distributes a number of artists via several labels. The major challenges of the music world include respecting an artist’s image across various communication media, ensuring production quality and meeting launch dates.

The solution:

Since 2015, Diadeis has been Sony Music’s graphic design and artwork studio. Our dedicated team handles daily design needs and creatively adapts the production of print and online communication media for all the labels.

The result:

This dedicated team has in-depth knowledge of the different working environments and is in direct contact with the client’s and artists’ teams. This results in shorter daily turnaround times, faster production of tailored versions, greater processing consistency and the respect of the artist’s image across the various communication media. We have improved the quality of printed materials by integrating technical constraints during the upstream stages (design and artwork). We have also reduced costs by implementing new tools and processes while reducing external purchases.