As a part of responsible consumption, we at Diadeis endeavour to contribute to local and global sustainability. We aim to reduce wastage to its minimum by adopting more environmentally-friendly methods, which shall help have a real positive impact on the environment. Diadeis offers its customers eco-friendly solutions at every step of their communication approach, from design conception to print management.

Creation phase: environmentally-friendly design

Eco-design is our production approach that takes into account the environmental impact of entire graphic process. We follow the ideology of sustainability at every stage of print process, beginning from design conception, right up to final printing without compromising on quality. Our eco-friendly approach reflects in every aspect of the graphic chain and all communication media are conceptualized with eco-friendly designs. Eco-design comprises volume design (reducing component numbers, optimising palletisation, improving sealing systems, etc.) and also raising consumer awareness (creating tailored "recycling info" signage etc.).

Creation phase: eco-friendly ink

Eco-friendly ink enables designs to be optimised in terms of reducing ink consumption. This demands a truly creative approach combined with pre-press skills. The aim of this technique is to reduce the environmental impact of communication material at the time of its design, and to make downstream recycling cheaper and more efficient. It also reduces ink purchases.

Production phase:

Following creation, we monitor environmental footprint while printing and manufacturing communication media. Our photoengraving and colour management experts recommend how to best reduce number of colours used, check on ink rates, identify the 'greenest' printing technology (for example, changing from helio to flexo print process whenever possible), etc. to carry on our Eco-design ideology.

Print management phase:

Diadeis pays particular attention to sustainable development in its print management services. The company strives to recommend responsible purchasing as regards printing, and options for materials and techniques, all of which helps to optimise logistics and transport. When the decision lies with Diadeis, it prefers to work with ISO 14001 and Imprim'Vert certified printers, and guarantees that at least 80% of printing work uses recycled paper mixed with FSC or PEFC paper. Diadeis itself holds Imprim'Vert certification.