In India, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare sells health food products such as the Horlicks range, and self-medication products including Eno antacids. To cater for customers' differing modes of consumption and requirements in this very heterogeneous market, brand ranges include a wide variety of flavours, pack sizes and packaging types. Each variant must fit with the brand as a whole.

The solution:

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare chose Diadeis to create all its packaging variants. Diadeis uses a standard pack called a "creation master" to produce all the variants: flavour changes, a new type of packaging (such as a move from a bottle to a box of single-serve sachets), varying pack sizes for references or the addition of a special offer. Each pack then moves through to the execution stage, where graphics artists add in all the essential pack elements, such as EAN codes, photos and statutory information. Throughout the process, Diadeis ensures the packs within a range are consistent.

The result:

Bringing together strategic creation and range roll-out minimises the time taken to create packaging. By centralising execution, Diadeis produces consistent ranges which enhance brand image.