GSK Novartis


As a leading global healthcare company that markets a wide range of products through numerous divisions, Novartis - now GSK- needed a global partner to improve the efficiency and enhance the quality management of their marketing production.

The solution
Diadeis has been Novartis’s artwork production partner since 2007, when we were chosen as the result of a competitive review to produce their packaging artworks across 110 countries.

In 2010, Diadeis was selected as Novartis Consumer Health‘s global decoupling partner. Our mission was to optimize their process by separating creative origination from production and marketing implementation. Since then, we’ve been working closely with Novartis’ advertising agencies and creative resources to adapt and localize both national and international advertising campaigns across media. This includes print, packaging and TVC.

By centralizing the adaptation of master assets, including translation management, we have significantly facilitated the management of approvals. We have also helped improve control and visibility of the campaigns implemented in local markets, ultimately achieving greater consistency in messaging.

In order for all marketing assets to become accessible whenever and wherever, we implemented a secure cloud-based asset management platform. This DAM now holds all Novartis Health Care’s marketing assets and is accessed daily by hundreds of users across the world. Not only has it enhanced productivity by cutting the time to develop marketing communication by 30%; it has also allowed marketing teams to re-use pre-approved assets, thus achieving significant cost savings (-25% globally).

The result
Novartis was able to meet and exceed its objectives for compliance, cost savings and productivity.