Orangina Miss O!


In order to survive in the face of competition and imitations, major brands are continually required to evolve. They must be capable of changing the way they present their products in order to remain contemporary and visible, without risking upsetting their regular and loyal customers. It is also crucial that they develop their product range in order to keep abreast of consumers' changing expectations and to recruit new customers. A strong, national brand that has occupied a special place in the hearts of the French for over 70 years, Orangina wanted to relaunch its low-calorie drink range, Orangina Light, under a new name and with a clearer product positioning that resonated better with its core target.

The Solution:

Diadeis decided to focus on the heart of the Orangina brand, its logo, using it to come up with Miss O!

Miss O! is a vibrant and enthusiastic young woman who’s always smiling, just like the packaging smiles at customers in store! This involved more than simply customising Orangina to appeal more to women by adopting a few standard physical attributes; it meant conveying a whole new attitude. The sketch that transforms the Orangina logo into Miss O! is symbolic of young women's casual, flippant doodlings on their favourite magazines. This type of tarting up constitutes a fairly bold move for a designer, and one not without an element of self-deprecation. In all, it enables Miss O! to identify with modern, active, city-dwelling women who like to stay healthy without missing out! 

Miss O! was then rolled out in two additional flavours. With its blue, orange and pink tones, this colourful range adds a unique, refreshing touch to the shelves. Diadeis also produced a collectors’ box set in conjunction with the illustrator Soledad, as well as press releases for the launch of the new range.

The result:

Its unique identity was respected, its shelf impact strengthened, it was given more brand clarity and is now an up-to-date brand.