To ensure the uniformity of communications throughout the 23 countries in which Renault is present, the car manufacturer's World Communications Manager sought a service provider able to produce numerous support materials in some twenty languages and deliver them in printed or multimedia versions.

The Solution:

Diadeis took charge of the whole multilingual production, from layout to print management. To support the dedicated publishing cell's work, the agency developed and implemented a publishing platform perfectly adapted to Renault's multilingual and multimedia needs. This collaborative tool brings together all the design implementation process players, enabling translations to be managed with greater flexibility. These translations can be directly integrated online and visualised on the different media options, allowing for greater autonomy. The tool also benefits from a translation memory system which facilitates the translators' work.

Diadeis also looks after the print management for all the brochures and is responsible for choosing the printers, negotiating prices and guaranteeing timeframes and quality.

The result:

Shorter graphic production times (from 3-4 weeks to 5 days) without any loss in quality.